Battlefield 3 Developer DICE Looks For Anti-Cheating Expert

Battlefield 3 Developer DICE Looks For Anti-Cheating Expert

But they should probably focus on the other issues with the the game.

If you’re like me, you’re getting a little frustrated with EA’s most recent mega-shooter, Battlefield 3. The game is rife with glitches, and although it’s still an incredible online gaming experience, there’s enough cheating, clipping, and interface problems to make me want to hang up my assault rifle for good (or, god forbid, go over to that other mega-shooter…). My frustration, however, abated a bit when I read the recent news that  BF3 developed DICE has hired an anti-cheating expert specifically to address its cheating issues with online play.

Reported on Gamespot yesterday, Dice has recently creted a position in their studio that is wholly concerned with counter-cheater measures in both current and future titles. If you’ve recently picked up the Multiplayer game, you will notice that many players on XBLA use clipping to crawl beneath the actual level, use modded consoles or trigger switches to “lag out”. Cheating is even more prevalent in the PC version of the game (which is always the case). There’s nothing more frustrating than spawning with your team and immediately being killed by some douchebag spawn camping beneath the floor. Bullets pour out of a rock and you sit, staring at your screen, and watching the spawn counter tick down so it can happen all over again.

However, I’ll say that cheating isn’t nearly as prevalent as hacking, (which is essentially what these “moles” are), in which they’ve taken the game as it’s been developed and exploit the holes in the programming. DICE is notoriously complacent when it comes to patching the really obnoxious aspects of the game, and rather than someone in charge of cheating, I’d love to see them hire someone in charge of actually fixing the game. For instance, the user interface is such that nothing can be done between games to leave the server. If you want to leave the server after a match ahs ended, you need to wait about a minute until the next game has started. That may not sound like much, but if you have a squad of friends with you, you are likely to end up on different teams (or a couple getting kicked before they can even make it into the game) once you finally get into the map.

In addition, there are a number of glitches still inherent within their destructible environments, and more often than not your avatar will get stuck on a curb backing up while the enemy team pours clips into you from behind and you can’t move!

In summary, I offer this plea to DICE. Preventing cheating is admirable, but please, please, please…fix your game too! Patch the shit out of it until you have a really good product and you might actually be able to make good on some of those claims of your sales beating out..erm..that other multiplayer mega-shooter.