Call of Duty "swatting" suspect charged with manslaughter

Call of Duty "swatting" suspect charged with manslaughter

Could get up to 3 years in prison

 "Swatting" has been a thing for a while now, and everyone pretty much knew it would turn out like this. For those not in the know, "swatting" is where you determine the address of your online nemesis, then place a fake call to the police which sends them storming in. Many lulz abound, if you are a complete psychopath.

Late last year, California man Tyler Barriss (25) got in an argument with a Call of Duty player. A third party gave Barriss the address of an apparently unrelated person, Andrew Finch, a 28 year-old resident of Wichita. 

Barriss, evidently believing that Finch was the man he was squabbling with in Call of Duty, placed a call to the Wichita 911 line. Barriss claimed that Finch had killed his entire family, and had poured gasoline all over the house and was ready to light it. 

Police stormed Finch's house. When they confronted Finch at the front door, Finch reportedly made a movement towards his belt. Believing that Finch was reaching for a gun, police shot and killed him.

Barriss is being held on manslaughter charges. No word yet on the identity of the third party who apparently egged him on, then (presumably deliberately) provided Barriss with the wrong address.