First Sea of Thieves "Pirate Legend" defends his title

First Sea of Thieves "Pirate Legend" defends his title

Was it cheating, or just normal piratical behavior?

 The first Sea of Thieves player to attain the "Pirate Legend" title is embroiled in a heated swirl of controversy, thanks largely to the Reddit community, which takes offense at the player's methods.

Twitch streamer "ProdigyX" reached Pirate Legend last week. The title requires you to get to level 50 with each of the game's three factions. ProdigyX made it there in record time, thanks in part to the help he received from his followers and Twitch community.

In order to get the title first, ProdigyX engaged in a practice which some dismiss as "boosting." His followers worked hard to finish a series of quests, then invited him into their party at the very end, to turn in the quest rewards. Thus, ProdigyX was able to get the rewards with less time spent.

ProdigyX contends that he only did this about 20% of the time, and the rest of the time he was legitimately playing the game. But even if he had earned the title solely through boosting, it's not clear that he would have done anything wrong. This is, after all, a game which rewards players who find creative strategies for stealing loot from each other. It's "Sea of Thieves" not "Sea of Polite People"!

What do you think? Do you applaud his creativity, or boo his methods?I'm on the fence, personally.