Fortnite Mobile works shockingly well

Fortnite Mobile works shockingly well

Fortnite fans will be pleased!

 Fans of the "battle royale" co-op sandbox survival game Fortnite were thrilled this week when Fortnite Mobile was released in a limited beta, to wide acclaim. Unlike virtually every mobile port of a game ever, Fortnite Mobile not only works well, it offers cross-platform play with PC gamers.

It will never be the same without having a mouse and keyboard, of course. But if you're stuck somewhere without a gaming PC (like a long commute on the bus, or a lunch break at work) you might be happy to put up with the inconvenience. Overall, the port offers the same functionality and features as the PC version of the game, just scaled down for mobile. And its performance is surprisingly good, even on less-than-optimal hardware.

But it's the cross-platform play that really catches my eye with this one. Cross-platform play is a rare thing in the gaming industry, for a lot of reasons. (Some technical, some political.) Fortnite Mobile lets you play with PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Mac gaming players around the world. Your progress and friends carry over to the mobile version, so it's effectively the same as your PC game, just scaled down and on a touchscreen.

If you want to try it out now, you can sign up for an invite. The full release will be available later this year.