Give me all the Photo Mode!

Give me all the Photo Mode!

Photo mode is becoming a big thing, and I am here for it

 Assassins Creed Origins apparently has an amazing Photo Mode, and suddenly I'm interested in an Assassins Creed game.

I have always been an unrepentant screenshot-taker. I take screenshots constantly. I keep them, organized by video game, taking up literally gigabytes of storage on my Dropbox account. I have DVDs of old screenshots burned and saved for all posterity. I literally have a successful Instagram account dedicated to my gaming screenshots.

So you can imagine how excited I get when a game has a proper Photo Mode. 

Horizon Zero Dawn has been my favorite so far. Its Photo Mode is incredible, and gives your camera a huge "leash" to swing around and examine the world around you. You can also pop into Photo Mode easily, even when you're in the middle of combat. 

(The process of getting a screenshot off your Playstation 4 and onto the internet is a different story. I had to create a second Playstation account, which I am signed into on my iPhone using the Playstation Messenger app. I message screenshots to this account, and pick them up there. It's clumsy, to say the least.)

The Last of Us had a pretty good photo mode, but I kept switching into it when combat got intense, because the keybinding (push left thumbstick) is used for Sprint on a lot of games. I found myself having to turn Photo Mode on and off each time I wanted to take a screenshot. Kind of annoying.

Somewhere in the middle is the Photo Mode in No Man's Sky. You don't get much "leash" on the camera, but the controls make it easy to frame shots, and it gives you the option of moving the sun's position around, which is something I end up doing a lot to get the lighting just right.

Here's to all the games with Photo Mode, and here's to hoping it becomes a standard game feature in the future!