New Ark: Survival Evolved DLC is sci-fi flavored

New Ark: Survival Evolved DLC is sci-fi flavored

Aberration brings new biomes, radioactive sun, and more

 Hot on the heels of finally leaving Early Access, Ark: Survival Evolved has announced the next expansion pack, which will be released in October.

Aberration will bring significant challenges for the player. The "story" of the expansion pack is that the atmosphere has escaped from the Ark, and the sun now presents a major radioactive hazard. This drives live underground to survive, where the player will find amazing new cave biomes.

In addition to the new biomes, Aberration will introduce giant crustaceans, tamable flying chameleon-like drakes, and something called a "lantern pug." New mechanics and craftables will include ziplines, wingsuits for gliding across chasms, new weapons and armor.

Ark also announced a $45 season pass, which grants access to the upcoming Aberration DLC, in addition to the Scorched Earth expansion, which was released last year, and two unannounced upcoming expansion packs.