Niantic shocked that Pokemon Go Fest was a disaster

Niantic shocked that Pokemon Go Fest was a disaster

They're literally the only ones who are surprised by this

 Niantic, a company which has proven time and time again that it's completely unfit to handle a property as massively popular and valuable as Pokemon Go, doubled down on that reputation this weekend. Despite the colossal disaster which was the launch, and the ongoing disaster of the game's first year, the company decided to hold a big fan festival. Surprise! It didn't go well. In fact, it would have been hard for it to go worse.

Fans traveled from miles around to gather in Chicago's Grant Park for a fan festival. Server issues hit immediately, with the game's servers unable to handle the load. 

(Which is funny, because the game is backed by Google Cloud, and the whole idea of cloud computing is the ability to quickly bring new resources online. Also, how could they NOT have planned for extra capacity? How blind would you have to be at this point, to work at Niantic and not take every single estimate of traffic for an event and then quadruple it, just to be on the safe side? But I digress.)

It's not just that players were unable to play the game during the festival. There were three "challenge windows" during the festival, and if you missed the window, you couldn't complete the challenge. The festival offered a special reward: Unlock all three challenges and be entered to engage in a special Legendary Raid Battle. Also, theoretically there would be new surprise legendary Pokemon to catch. 

Alas, it was not to be. Niantic has offered players hundreds of dollars in compensation for their error. Will it be enough? And why is anyone still letting Niantic be in charge of anything at this point?