Prototype 2 Trailer Shows Improved Combat

Prototype 2 Trailer Shows Improved Combat


I played the crap out of the first Prototype game. It's one of those titles that has a lot of playability not for the main story, but for the open world and the side quests. A realistic Manhattan where I can run up walls and kill/maim pretty much everybody? Yes please. I'll take forty hours of that. 

But the story and the voice acting were pretty meh on the whole. It's a game that entertains shallowly, to be sure. But it seems to have sold enough to warrant a sequel. A new video from the developers elucidates some of the newer combat features we have to look forward to in the second Prototype.

The original game's combat was certainly a fun part of the whole experience. Playing as a deadly protean warrior is always a good time. Level up enough and you could turn one of your arms into a giant whip that could take down about eight foot soldiers. You could even hop aboard and hijack a helicopter if you got to be powerful enough. However, the model wasn't without its flaws; it was a lot of hacky-slashy and not a lot of strategy. The sequel aims to please both the button-mashers and the strategy-minded by introducing new defensive moves to the player's arsenal. You can whip your tentacles around again, but you can also devise complicated plots to defeat multiple enemies at once. It's up to you as the player--you get a lot more freedom as to your style than before. 

Not bad for what essentially amounts to a sci-fi GTA. Other than that, Prototype 2 will probably follow very closely in the footsteps of its predecessor. The graphics and overall aesthetic aren't too different from the first. Your mutations are still red, gooey, and pleasingly gross, while the blood still spatters satisfyingly when you bisect a civilian. It even still takes place in Manhattan, which has now been renamed New York Zero (subtle) after being taken over by Blackwatch following the events of the first game. 

Like many a video game sequel that seeks to capitalize on the successes of its debut without letting the franchise mature much in between titles, Prototype 2 will likely appeal to the same gamers who enjoyed the first Prototype for exactly the same reasons. It ought to be a fun, ultra-violent romp through a post-apocalyptic New York. The writing and acting will probably offer about the same level of depth, but hey, that's not why we liked it the first time around anyway.

Prototype 2 is set to drop in April 2012. Check out the promo video below.