Short games you can finish in a weekend

Short games you can finish in a weekend

When you need a little break

 After finishing a big, sprawling, epic game, I like to refresh my palate with something short and self-contained. Here's a list of games that will take under 10 hours to complete - short enough that you can finish them in a weekend, or nibble on them for a week.


This trippy underwater exploration game only takes 2 hours to finish if you barrel right through to the end. But why would you? It's so beautiful and so entertaining, why not take your time and cruise around with the sea life a little longer.


Clocking in at 5 hours, this is another game that you can stretch out if you want to take the time to enjoy yourself. The woodsy setting is so interesting and peaceful, I feel like I could wander around all day.


Looking for something a little less peaceful and more terrifying? Then you've found it in the original Outlast, which will take about 6 hours to finish. That's not counting all the breaks you'll have to take when the tension gets ratcheted up too high for you to bear.

Telltale Games

Most Telltale Games (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, etc) take around 10 hours to complete. And their episodic format makes it easy to do one chunk at a time, which is great for the busy gamer.