The Witcher 3 gets a 4K update for Xbox One X

The Witcher 3 gets a 4K update for Xbox One X

More games undoubtedly to follow

 CD Projekt Red has released a huge 550MB patch to The Witcher 3 on Xbox. The patch to version 1.60 adds native 4K resolution, which can run the game at up to 60 fps.

The framerate for Witcher 3 on older consoles is locked to 30 fps so this is a major upgrade. This Polygon article includes compare/contrast images, so you can see the improvement it makes.

The Witcher 3 is one of my all-time favorite games. Definitely in the top five - maybe even in the top three. The incredible storytelling, world-building, voice actor performances, and facial animations remain unparalleled in video games, even several years later. The combat is complex enough to offer a lot of options, but fluid enough to feel natural.

I raced through the main storyline, only doing a minimum amount of side quests. Then I took my time working through the two chunks of DLC (Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine).  This approach made me realize how much I had missed by blasting through the base game so quickly. 

I have been meaning to get back to The Witcher 3 for a second play-through. Maybe this big update will be the nudge that convinces me to do it.