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Free Rice: Online Trivia Game is Food for Your Head!

Food for your head and free rice for the hungry! It's the online trivia game that builds and re-builds your I.Q. one question at a time! For every correct answer, the site feeds 10 grains of rice to the poor. Choose from many subjects on which to test your skills! Playing the game is absolutely free and the rice is paid for by the sponsers that advertise on the site!

Some of the subjects to choose from are:

1- Art: Famous Paintings

2- Chemistry: Chemistry Symbols (basic list)

                          Chemistry Symbols (full list)

3- English: Grammar

                      Vocabulary (I love this one! It is like getting a brain massage!

                                               It feels soooo good!)

4- Geography: Identify Countries on the Map (I'm doing this one next!!)

5- World Capitals

6- Language Learning: French, German, Italian, Spanish

7- Math:  Basic Math/Pre-Algebra

               Multiplication Table is a non-profit website run by the United World Food Program and partners, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Support comes from sponsors who advertise on the site and the players of the trivia games. And is quite educational without being obnoxious! It starts off easy and then gets more adult and challenging as you go along.

The primary two goals of this website are: to offer education to everyone, for free and to offer rice to anyone who is hungry, for free. 

Check out the website to feed your head and feed the hungry! :)