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"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" teaser trailer (part 1)

At the 2010 Game Developers Conference, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix presented a teaser trailer of the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution (formerly known as Deus Ex 3). It's the second trailer of the game, following the first trailer shown in November of 2007. With the game expected to hit shelves this year, interest and debate has stirred as the third installment in the groundbreaking series looks back on the origins of Deus Ex


The trailer (available on Youtube) shows a human cadaver being examined by men in classical Renaissance clothing (similar to the depicted scene in Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp). The cadaver then glows and rises into the air, sprouting an impressing set of wings. So much for being dead, then. The winged ex-cadaver crashes through the ceiling of a structure (which could be St. Peter's Basilica) and heads towards the sun, a nice nod to Deus Ex continuity. The flier (now very much alive) screams - in pain? ecstasy? fear? - as the screen gets brighter and brighter and the sun gets closer and closer -

 - and with a gasp, Adam Jensen wakes up in his bed. Jensen (revealed in concept art and press releases to be the protagonist and player character for Deux Ex: Human Revolution) not only sports a snazzy goatee, but also huge mechanical arms in place of his human limbs. Think of Gunther Hermann and Anna Navarre's mechanical augmentations from Deus Ex, only much sleeker. Much, much sleeker.

"I never asked for this," Jensen intones in a voiceover, as he flexes his robotic hand, Terminator-style.

He reaches for a glass of booze on the table, his arm clicking and whirring. Before he can bring it to his lips, thin, web-like cracks spread across the glass from the pressure of his metal fingers.

Later, he's seen relaxing with a cigarette (I guess cigarettes can't crack). But he hears something - a thud from outside his door. Close-up on his eye - his iris spins and focuses, like a camera lens. We see what he sees - the wall becomes transparent (to him), and through it, the x-ray of two armed men approaching. His eyes process the information: they're carrying combat rifles. One of the men has an injured humerus - 68% damaged.

Jensen extinguishes his cigarette and stands up. Shades automatically slide out from his face and shield his eyes. "If you want to make enemies," his voice says - his arm draws back and a long blade unsheathes itself -

" - try to change something."