August 2009

The Guild: Season 3 On Its Way

The web series is quickly becoming a viable entertainment medium. Like Youtube with a comparatively high budget, these scrappy independent shows connect with an entire generation who prefer quick shots over longer, more traditional styles. Undoubtedly one of the most successful web series ever created is The Guild, Felicia Day's on-the-pulse sitcom about a group of socially maladjusted World of Warcraft addicts. The Guild is set to premiere its third season on August 25th.

Three Great Non-Violent Video Games

An overwhelming majority of video games have something to do with making some kind of adversary shuffle loose this mortal coil. While I personally have no moral objection to computerized depictions of violence, I'll admit that shootin' dudes and making things 'splode real good gets a little tiring after a while. That's why non-violent video games exist. Unfortunately, non-violent games tend to be less than action-packed. Most of them are sports titles, abstract puzzle games or building simulators. The following are three peaceful games that don't give up excitement in exchange for a low body count.

wii Swine Flu

A new video game inspired by the Swine Flu pandemic has hit the internet! Where you, too, can play at controlling the flu pandemic of your choice, from spreading worldwide and causing unforseen death and devastation, like it is in real life. This game has been created by Dutch researchers to raise awareness and can only be played online, free. While the World Health Organization (WHO) denies intimate knowledge of the game, it does tell us that to date there have been 1,462 deaths and 178,000 cases of swine flu since April. 

Browser Game Roundup: Best of July

Last month I selected games for the Browser Game Roundup that exhibited how far the medium has come in terms of nuance, complexity and graphics. In July, I found a series of games that were wonderful for their simplicity. Whether top-notch professional endeavors or endearing labors of love, the quick but engrossing games that pop up online are consistent sources of idle entertainment.