September 2009

Free Rice: Online Trivia Game is Food for Your Head!

Food for your head and free rice for the hungry! It's the online trivia game that builds and re-builds your I.Q. one question at a time! For every correct answer, the site feeds 10 grains of rice to the poor. Choose from many subjects on which to test your skills! Playing the game is absolutely free and the rice is paid for by the sponsers that advertise on the site!

Some of the subjects to choose from are:

1- Art: Famous Paintings

2- Chemistry: Chemistry Symbols (basic list)

                          Chemistry Symbols (full list)

3- English: Grammar

                      Vocabulary (I love this one! It is like getting a brain massage!

Browser Game Roundup: Best of August (with a caveat)

Usually I feature games in this column that are just plain fun. While there were plenty of entertaining titles in August, I'd like to focus on something a little different this time around. Namely, innovation. Browser games have to strike a balance between themes and premises that are familiar enough to hook players quickly and concepts that are new or somehow different enough to stand out from the crowd. Hundreds of new games get uploaded every month and though many of them aren't very good, the sheer volume makes up for the lack of stiff competition. In an attempt to grab attention, new ideas get tossed around a lot. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but most of the time they end up somewhere in the middle. Let's see what August had to offer in the new department.