April 2010

4 Creepy Levels in Modern Games

With the advent of high-quality 3D graphics, it has been possible to create very engrossing, atmospheric worlds in video games. This means that some games go to great lengths to provide creepy or just downright scary levels to test a player's already itchy trigger finger and one-against-the-world paranoia. Here are a few of the most effective eerie levels from the past few years in gaming.

Hall of Classics: Freelancer

Since 2003, one of the most popular MMO games has been EVE Online. Its appeal is easy to see. The game provides players with a huge galaxy of planets, moons, space stations and other locations to explore in a far-future setting with plenty of opportunity for combat, commerce and the pursuit of new upgrades to their ships. In the space flight simulator genre, another important game came out in the same year, though it has been relegated to increasing obscurity thanks to frequent delays and business woes that kept it from being as revolutionary as it should have been. That game is Digital Anvil's Freelancer.