June 2010

Batman: Arkham Asylum vs. Superman 64- The Best and Worst Super Hero Games

Video games are designed to entertain, but what does that exactly mean? What makes the little interactive stories and puzzles of games fun? Well, in most cases it's all about simulating an experience, especially one that the player will never actually have in real life. Some games manage to create a truly immersive simulation while others seem to miss the point entirely. The most important thing a game designer has to remember is that a game is best when it is designed around the thing being simulated rather than plopping that thing into a series of designs and mechanics that don't have anything to do with the fantasy the game is supposed to be playing out. This is the major distinction between, say, two of the most memorable super hero games in history, Superman 64 and last year's Batman: Arkham Asylum. The latter represents the best case scenario for a video game about an iconic comic book hero while the former has long been Exhibit A in the ongoing case for how not to design a game.

Browser Game Roundup: Best of May 2010

All in all, May 2010 was a great month for browser games. In fact, there were so many great selections that I'm dividing this article into two parts. Today we'll look at the creme de la creme of the month and later this week we'll take some time out for the honorable mentions that didn't quite make it into the top 3. So, as for those top 3, the name of the game this time around is genre done right. All three of the best browser games from May didn't do anything particularly new, they just happened to take the best of their genres and leave behind the usual snags.

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" trailer

Eidos Montreal have released the third trailer for their upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the third installment in the Deus Ex series and a prequel to the original Deus Ex game. Add to that, the game is now available for preorder from major retail outlets. It seems that eight years after Deus Ex: Invisible War unwittingly sent the franchise into hibernation, Deus Ex is back. With a bang. A very big bang.