October 2010

Browser Game Roundup: Best of September 2010

One of the best things browser gaming has done is it has taught us how to appreciate 2-D games in a 3-D world. For around a decade the overwhelming majority of commercial video games have been in three lush dimensions, from the blockiest titles of the 32/64 bit consoles to the smoothest next-gen releases. They're pretty and complex, but most lack the charm and instant gratification of proper 2-D games. This month's roundup is a celebration of the excellent two-dimensional platforming titles release in September 2010.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay Demo

As Deus Ex: Human Revolution creeps closer and closer to our screens, the hype machine from publishers Square Enix and developers Eidos Montreal is in full gear. The most recent offering is a 25-minute gameplay demo, screened at Eurogame Expo. While the video quality is pure bootleg material, it’s good enough for us to get an idea of what Deus Ex: Human Revolution will look, feel and sound like. If those 25 minutes are indicator, we’re in for a hell of a ride when Human Revolution hits stores in February 2011.