January 2012

Katy Perry to Make Sims Debut

Pop star teams up with Sims Studio for exclusive release

In case you felt your simulated reality gaming experience was lacking a certain candy-colored pop starlet, The Sims Studio has announced their plans to team up with Katy Perry for exclusive in-game content. A special Perry-flavored collector's edition of The Sims 3 Showtime will drop in March 2012, preceded, presumably, by a heavy stream of advertisements featuring the singer herself.

The Project Fiona Gaming Tablet

Upcoming Razer machine puts PC guts in a portable device
Last year, Razer had a good run at reinventing PC gaming hardware as we knew it. I don't think the Blade ever took off as it might have deserved, but the dual-screen technology was a smart and effective way of solving some of the problems PC gamers might have with their interface. Unlike console gamers, those who play on their computers generally use hardware that wasn't designed for the kind of activity they're undertaking. The guts of their portal to the game-verse may be more powerful than any other, but they're still hammering away on keys and buttons meant for typing words and clicking links. Most don't seem to mind, but there have got to be continued ways to bridge the gap between use and design. Razer seems to be interested in building those bridges.

Cheaters At Social Games Are 350% More Likely To Cheat In Life

You may think it's just an online video game, but it ctually says a lot about your integrity.

Cheating is one of those things that, though it is an undesirable trait in people, it may also be one of the more ubiquitous aspects of human psychology. We’re designed to compete, and we’re predisposed to wanting to win. However, a recent survey shows that those people that are most likely to cheat in social games (online games on PCs, consoles, and social networking sites) are as much as three and a half times more likely to cheat in real life in everything from stealing towels from a hotel to cheating on one’s spouse.

The survey, conducted by casual game maker PopCap Games, polled 1,200 adult consumers on their gaming and lifestyle habits. Of those consumers that admitted to cheating in casual social games, 48% reported that they have also cheated in real life compared to 14% of those that said they did not cheat in social games. The result is that individuals that report cheating in social games are 350% more likely to cheat in real life as well. This may not come as much of a shock to people, as the same individual characteristics that lead to cheating in games will also lead people to cheat in life, but the correlation is dramatically high.

Valve Denies Half-Life 3 Rumors

No more Gordon Freeman anytime soon, writer says


Aw. If you're a Valve fanatic who's been in and around the internet anytime in the past few years, you've probably picked up on the supposed Half-Life 3 viral marketing. A few suggestive domains had been registered only to display the lambda logo or a cleverly masked image of the G-man. And of course there have been miles and miles of message board chatter regarding the next episode in the series; everything from people who claim to know Gabe personally to people who presume to have figured out secret hints about episode 3 hidden deep within Portal 2. Well, curious fans can put away their sleuthing kits; Valve has issued a statement saying that they have not yet released any kind of promotion for another Half-Life game.

Sandbox RPG: Video Gaming's High Art

The sandbox RPG is the ultimate expression (right now) in video gaming.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has won a host of awards since it’s release on November 11th. Despite some bugginess (and some bug-inducing patches), Skyrim took home Spike’s Game of the Year Award, as well as X-Play’s Game of the Year award and a recent Game of the Year Award by the Kotaku community on their Speak Up forum (this last one by over twice the votes of its closest competition). It’s only been 2 months and Skyrim is sweeping the critical and fan-based accolades.