September 2012

Monkey Go Happy

This game has it all, from entertaining monkey shenanigans to logic games.

My daughter’s latest favorite game is called Monkey Go Happy. When I first saw this game, I was very wary because not only does it feature ads—it also looks like a game that’s too old for children. Indeed, I do have some issues with the game—there are shooting elements in it, after all, and I am NO fan of violent games for young children (though I’m okay with fully-developed adults enjoying them when they don’t feature violence against women).

Aside from those rare scenes, however, Monkey Go Happy is a very diverting and funny game that allows children to use logic to help solve problems and make a crying monkey smile and laugh. That’s probably my favorite part, as the monkey is insanely cute and funny—but my daughter actually skips to the next scene as soon as the monkey is happy, eager to solve the next logic puzzle.

Family time: Display a chess set

Then watch as memories are made.

When we browsed our new Five Below store the other day, I had intended to spend my $5 on a Merida poster for my office. I will have to buy the Brave girl picture another day, though, because there was a psychedelic chess set that caught my eye instead, and my five bucks went to that.

It’s a fun chess set, even though the board is super thin and not able to be moved much (I hate that!). But it’s got a three dimensional effect, which I love, and it’s taken some time to try and get used to the board itself.