February 2013

New Xbox to block used games?

Rumors fly that the next gen of consoles will shut down reselling and trading.

It’s still a rumor at this point, but people are saying that the next generation of Xbox will have Microsoft implementing a change to their console that would make it impossible to sell games used.  By using a number of security features, the company would be ensuring that if you buy a game, it’s yours for life and only you, on your Xbox Live account, will be capable of pl

PlayStation 4 in time for Christmas?

Sony is making a ‘big announcement’ soon - wonder what that could be?

Sony has put the wold out that they have something really big to announce come February 20th.  No, they’re not going to be giving away free PlayStation 3s to one out of every five people, though that would be just as awesome.  In fact, we don’t quite know what they’re planning on announcing, but all signs point to a very near-future release of the almighty and m